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VW Starter Motors and Alternators


We supply alternators and starter motors for the complete range of Volkswagon vehicles


The vehicles covered are: VW Beetle, Bora, Caddy, Caravelle, Corrado, Derby, Eurovan, Fox, Golf, Jetta, LT Van, Lupo, Multivan, Passat, Polo, Santana, Scirocco, Tara, Tara, Touareg, Touran, Transporter, Vento



Our range consists of 69 different alternators for Volkswagon and 35 different starter motors

We supply for models from 1986 to the present day



Alternator powers/amps vary from 45amp to 180amp.


Starter motor powers range from 0.6kw to 2.2kw


We supply replacement alternators and starter motors for the original equipment makes of, Lucas, Valeo, Denso and Bosch that are fitted to VW vehicles

Starter motor technical information




Affected part number: QS2635


Due to a vehicle fault, this starter motor is prone to burn out.


The cause of such extreme damage is likely to be caused by the natural

failure of the vehicles Heater Plugs.


When the Heater plugs fail, the driver assumes that the fault is

elsewhere and proceeds to re start the car several times. As we all know, with prolonged attempts, the starter motor will overheat and burn out.


There are common, obvious tell tale signs that the starter motor has burnt out. These are:


A strong smell of burning. The armature is likely to have exploded and when shaken, loose metal fragments will be visible in the nose cone.

Drive teeth chewed up by the vehicles ring gear.

Blue Armature shaft and drive



Clutch Pulley’s


Clutch Pulley’s are fitted to the later models of Volkswagon alternators, they are prone to failure.

The failing of a clutch pulley can occur for a number of reasons, the two main reasons are:

            Failure of the cars automatic tensioner

            Belt flap (from the fan belt)


In addition to the above, a clutch pulley can fail due to incorrect fitting of the stretch belts.

How do I know if my clutch pulley has failed?

            The alternator could be excessively noisy in operation

            The shaft would be worn (although not easily visible)


Customers often query how the cars automatic tensioner can cause a clutch pulley to fail. We always advise them that clutch pulley and tensioner are serviceable items and should be changed at regular intervals. (This information is according to OE manufacturers specifications




Affected part numbers: QA4400, QA4401



VW Multivan, Toureg, Transporter, 2.5, 2003 onwards


The Alternator must not be removed from the vehicle unless removed complete with the alternator support.


Do not unscrew the connection between alternator and the alternator support.


The alternator and support must be refitted as a complete unit.


If this procedure is not carried out correctly this can cause miss-alignment of the Eurogrip coupling causing damage shown below