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Lancia Starter Motors and Alternators

We supply alternators and starter motors for the complete range of Lancia vehicles


The vehicles covered are: Lancia Beta, Dedra, Delta, Kappa, Lybra, Musa, Phedra, Prisma, Thema, Zeta, Ypsilon

Our range consists of 24 different alternators for Lancia and 11 different starter motors

We supply for models from 1976 to the present day



Alternator powers/amps vary from 35amp to 200amp.


Starter motor powers range from 0.7kw to 2.6kw


We supply replacement alternators and starter motors for the original equipment makes of Nippon Denso, Magnet Marreli and Bosch that are fitted to Lancia vehicles



Alternators fitted to the Lancia 1.3Cdti diesel engines.


Affected vehicles Lancia Musa and Ypsilon

A re-occurring problem that we are finding with the QA4472, QA51258 QA5127, QA5385 and QA5334 Alternators, is that the units are coming back noisy, suspected faulty. When these alternators are stripped and inspected  a large percentage are found to have Rotor wear which is generally very unusual.


A likely explanation; Should the fan belt be incorrectly tensioned it could cause up and down movement of the Rotor. Such movement would make the rotor rub against the bearings inner race, causing it to wear.


A correctly tensioned belt enables the alternator to stay in a true position and restricts any movement other than correct rotation. Normal tolerances would ensure the Rotor ran true..


There are two contributing factors. One is the tensioner over tensioning the fan belt, and the other is the failing of the bottom pulley.

If the pulley failed this would cause movement and/or the belt to bounce, transfer this movement to the alternator and resulting in damage to the rotor of the alternator




Starter motor locating dowel problem


Some Lancia starter motors are fitted in conjunction with a locating dowel.

It is vital that the locating dowel is fitted to the new starter motor to ensure correct alignment of the starter motor pinion teeth with the vehicles ring gear.

The locating dowel is situated between the gearbox and starter motor. When the old starter motor is removed the dowel either remains in the gearbox or the nose cone of the old starter motor, either way this should be transferred to the new starter motors.



Vehicles affected Lancia Beta, Dedra, Delta, Kappa, Lybra, Musa, Phedra, Prisma, Thema, Zeta, Ypsilon