Vauxhall Starters and Alternators


We supply alternators and starter motors for the complete range of Vauxhall vehicles


The vehicles covered are: Vauxhall Adam, Agila, Arena, Astra, Belmont, Brava, Calibra, Carlton, Cavalier, CF Van, Chevanne, Chevette, Combo, Combo Van, Corsa, Frontera, Insignia, Meriva, Midi Van, Monterey, Movano, Nova, Omega, Rascal Van, Senator, Signum, Sintra, Tigra, Vectra, Vivaro, VX220, Zafira


Our range consists of 84 different alternators for Vauxhall and 65 different starter motors

We supply for models from 1983 to the present day



Alternator powers/amps vary from 45amp to 180amp.


Starter motor powers range from 0.6kw to 2.2kw


We supply replacement alternators and starter motors for the original equipment makes of, Delco Remy, Hitachi, Lucas, Nippon Denso and Bosch that are fitted to Vauxhall vehicles


Technical information Vauxhall Vivaro starter motor


A re-occurring problem we are finding with the starter motor QS5206 is that they are being returned completely burnt out.


It is common knowledge that the Diesel Injectors of the 2.0L CDTi 2006- Vauxhall Vivaro are prone to failure.


When these injectors start to fail, the vehicle becomes a poor starting vehicle.


Unfortunately due to the drivers ignorance, the starter motor is over cranked in order to get the vehicle started. This over cranking is burning out the starter motor.


There are tell tale signs that the starter motor has been over cranked and burnt out. They are:


A strong smell of burning from the starter motor

Blue armature shaft and drive

Melted insulation on the wires from the solenoid to the body.

Vauxhall Alternator technical information


Affected part numbers:

QA1116, QA1442 vehicles affected, Vauxhall Cavalier, Astra, Nova


A  common problem with Vauxhall Delco external fan alternators


Most older Vauxhall Delco alternators suffer from a slipping fan belt. This is incorrectly diagnosed as an alternator fault when correct tension or a replacement fan belt is required.


A slipping fan belt has caused the pulley to become hot and the pulley to become red rusty.


Contrary to popular misconception, not all slipping fan belts squeal. Most slip quietly.



Vauxhall starter motor technical information




Popular affected part numbers QS1513, QS2060, QS2100, QS2275, QS2404, QS2538, QS2580, QS3277 affected vehicles Vauxhall Astra, Vectra, Agila, and all Vauxhall diesel engines including the Isuzu 1.7


The demand for modern day starter motors to be more powerful yet smaller for weight and fitment to suit new engines does come with a problem.


Upon inspection of a burnt out unit there are always obvious tell tale signs such as:


A strong burning smell– The armature is likely to have exploded and loose metal fragments will be visible in the nose cone.


Blue armature and drive shaft– signs of overheating.


Drive teeth chewed up by the ring gear.


All these faults are normally caused by the starter motor getting excessively hot.

There are a number of reasons as to why the starter motor gets hot but the most common three are:


When the vehicle is generally a poor starter or has ran out of fuel and has been over cranked. The final and most common fault is when the vehicle has a faulty ignition switch causing the starter to stick in mesh. This fault occurs with all late Vauxhall petrol and diesel starter motors and Vauxhall will not change a starter motor without changing the ignition switch.



Clutch Pulley’s


Clutch Pulley’s are fitted to the later models of Vauxhall alternators, they are prone to failure.

The failing of a clutch pulley can occur for a number of reasons, the two main reasons are:

            Failure of the cars automatic tensioner

            Belt flap (from the fan belt)


In addition to the above, a clutch pulley can fail due to incorrect fitting of the stretch belts.

How do I know if my clutch pulley has failed?

            The alternator could be excessively noisy in operation

            The shaft would be worn (although not easily visible)


Customers often query how the cars automatic tensioner can cause a clutch pulley to fail. We always advise them that clutch pulley and tensioner are serviceable items and should be changed at regular intervals. (This information is according to OE manufacturers specifications




Alternators fitted to the Vauxhall 1.3Cdti and 1.9Cdti diesel engines.


Affected vehicles Vauxhall Vectra, Astra, Zafira and Corsa

A re-occurring problem that we are finding with the QA4472, QA4283 QA5279 Alternators, is that the units are coming back noisy, suspected faulty. When these alternators are stripped and inspected  a large percentage are found to have rotor wear which is generally very unusual.


A likely explanation; Should the fan belt be incorrectly tensioned it could cause up and down movement of the rotor. Such movement would make the rotor rub against the bearings inner race, causing it to wear.


A correctly tensioned belt enables the alternator to stay in a true position and restricts any movement other than correct rotation. Normal tolerances would ensure the rotor ran true..


There are two contributing factors. One is the tensioner over tensioning the fan belt, and the other is the failing of the bottom pulley.

If the pulley failed this would cause movement and/or the belt to bounce, transfer this movement to the alternator and resulting in damage to the rotor of the alternator



Starter motor confusion

Affected part numbers: QS5102, QS5120


The two starter motors are both fitted to the 1.9 CDTI late GM engine. They are used in the

Vauxhall Astra, Signum, Vectra and Zafira models.


The two units look very similar and we are constantly asked


Which one do I fit?               What is the difference?


The difference is the reach of the drive/pinion assembly.


The QS5120  pinion sticks out further than QS5102. It has an 8.5mm reach where the pinion on the other unit is flush with the starter mounting face.


Contrary to popular myths regarding differences of BHP, colours of badges the letters on the stickers reading WF and WE the only question to ask is:


Is the vehicle automatic or manual


Manual QS5120, Automatic QS5102







Common oil leak that damages the alternators fitted to Vauxhall diesel engines.


Models affected Vauxhall Astra, Nova and Vectra

All diesel alternators fitted with a brake vacuum pump have a seal fitted in the pump or into a recess in the rear bracket.

When refitting the old pump to the new alternator, please check the condition of this seal and if necessary replace it when changing the pump.

Failure to do this is likely to cause an oil leak and damage to the new unit.


Another problem we occasionally come across on this type of diesel units is where the old vacuum pump will not fit the replacement unit.

All ECP units are OE remanufactured units; you tend to encounter this problem when replacing a spurious previously changed alternator.

The spurious units are manufactured and sold as new units complete with a vacuum pump, the problem you then get is the new units are built with a non standard rotor (main shaft) which can vary in length and splines. An OE remanufactured unit is all one length and have the same number of splines on the rotor.

If when replacing the pump a unit locks up or is a different number of splines, ECP can supply a replacement pump to suit

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