Q1.Customers round this area have not heard of QX Components?
Based in Manchester we are the largest independent remanufacture of rotating electrics in the U.K. To give you an idea in our standing within the industry we are affiliated as recognized electrics supplier to two of the UK's buying groups.
Q2. What about my existing stock and what can you do for me with regard to updating my stock?
As a company we are extremely flexible. We are in a position to cross reference your existing stock (in any make) and compare this against our up to date pareto. After looking at your stock, we would simply rebox all current units into QX livery and honour the warranties by way of a replacement unit sent free of charge. As you are probably aware, some units are dated and are unlikely to sell. QX Components will remove these and credit them at a realistic price.
Q3. When you say "no quibble guarantee" what does this actually cover?
Because we are confident in the quality of our product we offer a "total no quibble guarantee", which means even units returned to us which after being tested are found to work will regardless be credited.
Q4. How often are you prepared to update my stock?
It's completely up to you, although we do recommend this update should be done annually around September just in time for the forth coming winter period. We do not work like some of our competitors where to remove a unit you have to purchase two possibly three units. QX Components like to keep things simple i.e. One for one
Q5. What technical assistance is offered?
At QX Components we have a dedicated team in our sales department. We say if you are struggling with a problem please pick up the telephone and ring us. We will endeavor to give an answer even if it requires a call to your customer by one of our experienced technical team. Coupled to this we now have a 28 page technical data booklet which is available free of charge, this booklet contains many common questions and answers.
Q6. What about the quality of QX starters and alternators?
Firstly, quality is very important to us and has to be. Every unit we supply is "individually" tested (this includes new and bought in units). Unlike some of our competitors we do not believe in batch testing and as well as a final built unit load test we operate stringent pre built inspections. In the same respect every unit that is returned to ourselves goes through the same strict testing procedure and every unit is logged on a database.
Q7. How many surcharge bands do QX Components have?
Unlike most of our competitors, where a multi band is operated ranging from £10 to £80. At QX Components we keep things as simple as possible, we have just one surcharge band of £20.00
Q8. What about deliveries and delivery charges?
We operate a fleet of delivery vans delivering daily around the north west of England. Outside our normal van deliveries, we operate a next day delivery service by one of three next day carriers on all orders received before 4.30pm. This is free of charge on stock orders(three units or orders over £100.00), although single unit orders do carry a carriage charge of £8.51.
Q9. How do we get the old units back?
Very simple all we ask is you put the units in a box four or five at a time, tell us how many boxes are to be returned and at our expense we will notify the carrier for collection.
Q10. If required can QX Components recondition my unit?
No problem, any obscure unit you may come across we can arrange collection and return it to you rebuilt dependant on the customers location normally between 24 / 72 hours.