About QX Components

Here at QX Components, we are passionate about our products and customer service we give to all our customers.

We know that an Alternator and Starter Motor is usually one of the largest jobs a mechanic has to do on a vehicle and if it arrives wrong, it can tie up a ramp unnecessarily for hours.

For this reason we know it is extremely important to identify the correct part required first time.

To help us do this, we have experienced sales staff, a dedicated Technical helpline, national Registration Number software and a massive database of over 40,000 cross references.

Our dedicated old core buyers spend hours each weeks hunting for Alternators and Starter Motors that are both old and new. Our old units and built stock range from Ford Anglia to the very late vehicles.

Although many of the older Alternators and Starter Motors have been lost to the market and scrapped with the vehicle, we buy these units whenever we come across them to ensure continuous availability to our customers.

Equally we are just as passionate about providing Alternators and Starter Motors for newer vehicles.

As the market has become more demanding for newer vehicles, we import around 4,000 brand new units each month to help continue the remanufacturing process of these parts.

To help our customers and to reduce applications, we use fewer part numbers than our competitors. We do this by rationalising our range wherever practical. For example..if a 45amp or 55amp Alternator is fitted to a vehicle, we would simply supply the 55amp unit and list just the one part number. The same applies to our range of Starter Motors, if for example a 0.9kw (Kilowatt) or 1.1kw Starter Motor is fitted to a vehicle, we would simply supply the 1.1kw.

We don’t just supply Alternators and Starter Motors for Cars either, we get involved in specialist markets such as Jet Ski’s, Marine applications, Agricultural and Factory machinery…basically anything that uses an Alternator and or Starter Motor.
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